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Security Gear

  • ASP High Security Handcuff Key (2 Pawl) | Five-O Depot

    High Security Handcuff Key

    $ 2.99

    ASP High Security Handcuff Key. 2 pawl handcuff key works only with ASP high security chain and hinged handcuffs.

  • Smith & Wesson High Security Model 104 Handcuff Key | Five-O Depot

    High Security Model 104 Cuff Key

    Smith & Wesson
    $ 4.99

    Opens all standard double lock handcuffs, leg irons, thumbcuffs, and is a replacement key.

  • Smith & Wesson Folder Homeland Security Knife | Five-O Depot
    Sold Out!

    Homeland Security

    Smith & Wesson
    $ 12.99

    Protect what's yours with the Smith & Wesson Homeland Security Pocket Knife. This EDC features a 3.38-inch partially serrated edge with a black...

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  • Smith & Wesson Model 104 Maximum Security Handcuffs | Five-O Depot

    Model 104 High Security Chain-linked Handcuffs

    Smith & Wesson
    $ 49.99

    The Smith & Wesson model 104 maximum security nickel finish handcuffs. For high risk transfers. Specially designed key and keyhole bushing. Wil...

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  • Smith & Wesson Model 110 Oversized Handcuffs | Five-O Depot

    Model 110 Special Security Chain-linked Handcuffs

    Smith & Wesson
    from $ 40.99

    The Special security model 110 oversized handcuffs. A larger dimension chain and swivel handcuff for special security situations. MEETS NIJ STANDAR...

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  • Tru-Spec Security-Friendly Belt | Five-O Depot

    Security Friendly Belt

    from $ 9.95

    A classic-looking, yet versatile belt with a non-metallic buckle for quick and easy clearance at security checkpoints. Made of durable, pliable web...

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  • 5ive Star Gear Police & Security Duty Patches | Five-O Depot

    Security Morale Patch

    5ive Star Gear
    from $ 0.99

    The 5ive Star Gear Morale Patches come in a large variety of different styles and designs. They are all made from durable PVC that allows for bolde...

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