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Tru-Spec MRE (Meals, Ready To Eat)

$ 78.99
SKU KRVDT09-9177

Tru-Spec MRE (Meals, Ready To Eat)

These MREs (Meals, Ready To Eat) are great for hunting, camping or emergency storage. Each meal includes a main entrée, peanut butter, crackers, coffee or tea, salt and pepper, matches and utensils. These boxes always include three or more different main entrees (each case will vary).

Possible entrees include barbequed beef, chicken with noodles, lentils and vegetables, breaded chicken patty with tomato sauce and pasta, roast beef with vegetables and gravy or others. These MREs can be heated on the stove, in the microwave or eaten cold.

These ready-to-eat meals can be stored for up to seven years in cool temperature. An oxygen absorber pack is added to each pouch, which irreversibly absorbs oxygen to less than 0.01 percent, creating a nitrogen-rich environment that prevents aerobic pathogens and other spoilage organisms, including mold, as well as eliminating the need for common food additives.

  • Manufacturer Number: 09-9177
  • 12 Meals Per Case
  • Each MRE Includes A Main Entre, Peanut Butter, Crackers, Coffee Or Tea, Salt And Pepper, Matches and A Fork Or Spoon
  • Includes Three Or More Main Entres (Each Case Will Vary)
  • Can Be Heated Or Eaten Cold
  • Storable For Up To 7 Years At 60 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Air Dehydrated
  • Oxygen Absorber Ensures Freshness
  • Chemical heaters not included.
  • These are not military issue MREs.


*** For more information, please visit Tru-Spec.

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Sandy C
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Got a nice varied meal selection, modern menu choices,