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Inova Flashlights

Inova LED Flashlights are engineered to deliver unrivaled performance and durability for a lifetime of ownership. Every field has its leading light, a company and a product line that goes beyond expectations and the status quo. In the world of portable lighting, that brand is Inova. In recognizing and mastering the power of the LED, Inova products have become the standard by which all others are judged. Wherever reliability, functionality, innovation and performance are appreciated - in the hands of a backpacker, Boy Scout, or Police Officer - you will find Inova handheld lighting.

  • Inova Microlight STS Keychain Flashlight | Five-O Depot

    Inova Microlight STS Keychain Flashlight

    $ 9.99

    Inova Microlight STS Keychain Flashlight INOVA Microlight STS is its brightest compact light. Made to attach to your keychain or pull cord you ca...

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    $ 9.99