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Spyderco Knives

Spyderco has taken knife design to a whole new level. Called unusual, or even strange by some, a Spyderco knife is always unique. That's what makes them prized by military and rescue crews, and why you'll find yourself reaching for a Spyderco knife in every situation. Whether you need to skin an animal, gut a fish, cut a seatbelt, or break a windshield to rescue an injured motorist, there's a Spyderco knife built for the job.

  • Spyderco Police Model 4 Knife | Five-O Depot
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    Spyderco Police Model 4 Knife

    $ 175.70

    Spyderco Police Model 4 Knife The Police 4 is the largest member of Spyderco's select family of lightweight knives featuring K390 MICROCLEAN tool s...

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