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This page covers the questions that are frequently asked by our customers here at the Five-O Depot. It is our hope that all of your questions and concerns can be answered here. We are always available via Facebook Messenger, email or phone if you have any additional questions. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Is my information secure?

Our web servers are authenticated by using SSL, so you can trust that you are doing business with Five-O Depot. We protect the security of credit card and other sensitive information you provide online by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security software that encrypts such information. The security features are automatic. For example, once you've clicked the CHECKOUT button on the shopping cart page, your browser looks for a digital certificate to confirm that it is communicating with Five-O Once a positive ID is made, your order continues. We use Positive SSL software to enable the use of digital certificates. For your security, the verification process happens in the background every time you place an order on our site.

How do I return an item?
Please visit our Return/Refund Policy Page.

Why am I being charged sales tax on your website?

The sales tax applied to your purchase is determined according to state and local laws and regulations. The specific tax rate is based upon the shipped from and shipped to information in your specific order. We are required by law to collect tax in all 50 states where sales tax is collected and Five-O Depot does business. We turn over all monies collected to the appropriate government agencies and we are audited by these agencies on a regular basis. Five-O Depot does not profit from the collection of sales tax. For our tax exempt customers, state laws require us to have your signed tax exemption or resale certificate on file at our offices. We are required to charge you sales tax if we do not have this documentation. If your agency's online purchases are being taxed and you've already qualified for tax exempt status and have your letter or certificate on file with us, please contact us so we can get this corrected.

How can I check on the status of a phone order?
The best way is to register for an account online. All status information on all orders including phone, mail, in-store as well as web, is available online.

Do I have to register to make a purchase?

You no longer are required to register with to make a purchase, although we encourage shoppers to do so. All new and existing registered users enjoy the convenience of a quicker, hassle-free checkout with saved shipping and billing information. Once registered, all users have access to their order history with the ability to track orders, check a back order status and print receipts/invoices. The simple, one-time registration process links to your existing Five-O Depot account. If you've ordered with us before making available your entire order history including phone, mail, and in-store order details. Registered users can also review products that they've purchased and create shopping or wish lists for convenient ordering.

Why am I being asked to re-enter my credit card number at checkout?

You MAY be asked to re-enter your credit card number because all required fields have not been completed on the checkout page. Even though the transaction has not yet been submitted, we NEVER retain credit card numbers anywhere on our website for your protection. Required fields include a shipping address selection, an order e-mail address and full credit card information including account number and expiration month and year. Shipping addresses must be "selected” by clicking the radio button beside the desired shipping address.

When I add items to my cart it says my cart is empty. Why can't I add items to my cart?

Your computer's time zone and time must be set correctly and your browser must be enabled to accept cookies for shopping at Five-O Cookies are very tiny text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages that record your preferences. uses cookies to keep track of what you have in your shopping cart and to remember you when you return to our site. They cannot harm your computer and they do not contain any personal or private information. Please enable "cookies" on your browser to accept cookies if you are encountering this problem.