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Ka-Bar Knives

Guided by the motto “hardcore knives for hardcore lives,” Ka-Bar has handcrafted knives according to strict quality standards since 1898. Just how hardcore are these blades? The U.S. Marine Corps adopted Ka-Bar as the standard issue knife during World War II, and not long after, the Navy and Coast Guard followed suit. That means these knives have been tested and proven in the most demanding situations. At, we offer Ka-Bar knives and multi-tools ideal for hunting, camping, everyday carry, tactical operations and more. With over 100 years of experience and the backing of three branches of the U.S. Military, Ka-Bar delivers gear that won’t quit.

  • Ka-Bar Large TDI Knife | Five-O Depot

    Ka-Bar Large TDI Knife

    $ 62.69

    Ka-Bar Large TDI Knife The Ka-Bar Large TDI Knife is a larger version of our very popular TDI Law Enforcement Knife. Sold with MOLLE compatible har...

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  • Ka-Bar Original TDI Knife | Five-O Depot

    Ka-Bar Original TDI Knife

    $ 52.69

    Ka-Bar Original TDI Knife In extreme close-quarter encounters where a suspect is attempting to take an officer's handgun, or an officer cannot acce...

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