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Rescue Tools

  • EMI Basic Lifesaver Hammer | Five-O Depot

    EMI Basic Lifesaver Hammer

    $ 13.66

    EMI Lifesaver Hammer Basic The EMI Basic Lifesaver Hammer double-sided steel striking heads are specially designed to shatter side windows. A conce...

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  • EMI Deluxe Lifesaver Hammer | Five-O Depot

    EMI Deluxe Lifesaver Hammer

    $ 21.53

    EMI Deluxe Lifesaver Hammer The EMI Deluxe Lifesaver Hammer features a combination seat belt cutter and window shattering tool. One side of hammer ...

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  • EMI Quick-Cut Rescue Tool | Five-O Depot

    EMI Quick-Cut Rescue Tool

    $ 57.69

    EMI Quick-Cut Rescue Tool With lightning fast speed, Quick-Cut can easily cut through seatbelts, harnesses, stretcher straps, etc. Its V shaped bla...

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  • Resqme Lifesaving Tool | Five-O Depot

    Resqme Lifesaving Tool

    $ 9.95

    Resqme Lifesaving Tool This versatile, life-saving tool has a spring-loaded stainless steel window punch that will break most auto safety glass. ...

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  • Smith & Wesson First Response Knife | Five-O Depot

    Smith & Wesson First Response Knife

    Smith & Wesson
    $ 62.69

    Smith & Wesson First Response Knife The S&W 1st Response Folding Knife is the perfect tool for a first responder. This tool features a 3....

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