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Rigid Handcuffs

  • ASP Rigid Ultra Handcuffs | Five-O Depot

    ASP Rigid Ultra Handcuffs

    ASP, Inc.
    $ 136.85

    ASP Rigid Ultra Handcuffs The Rigid Ultra Cuff features a unibody frame that minimizes subject mobility. The frame is contoured to provide the off...

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  • Monadnock (Hiatt) Rigid Handcuffs | Five-O Depot

    Monadnock (Hiatt) Rigid Handcuffs

    $ 69.85

    Monadnock (Hiatt) Rigid Handcuffs The 2103H/2105 Rigid Handcuffs are made with top quality, heavy-duty, steel construction and offer added power ...

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  • Monadnock (Hiatt) Ultimate Hinged Handcuffs | Five-O Depot

    Monadnock (Hiatt) Ultimate Hinged Handcuffs

    $ 90.35

    Monadnock (Hiatt) Ultimate Hinged Handcuffs The Monadnock Ultimate Hinge Handcuffs are built tough, ensuring that even the least cooperative pris...

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